EVENING Scogliolungo – Balai lontano bay *(sea caves tour)*

EVENING Scogliolungo – Balai lontano bay *(sea caves tour)*

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Easily recognisable by the sculpture of a dolphin on top of a rock in the middle of the sea, Scoglio Lungo Beach is our starting point. Rocky platform cliffs, sheer walls, and small beaches will guide us on this new tour. The irregular and jagged coastline is rich in coves, with numerous caves opening up within them. Arm yourselves with courage… the Hell Cave awaits you;

Please note,

Each tour is a coastal navigation course. The price is per person and includes the use of equipment (kayak, jacket, spray skirt, buoyancy aid, dry bag) and the association membership card with related insurance;

Meals and accommodation are the responsibility of the participant. The instructors are not responsible for the participant’s personal equipment (mobile phone, keys, camera, etc.);

Dates, times, and routes are to be agreed upon and may vary based on weather conditions or the participants’ needs;

Recommended equipment;

  • Water
  • High calorie snack
  • Beach towel
  • Booties
  • Hat
  • Lycra shirt
  • Sunscreen

About your snack, it’s best to avoid foods that are hard to digest or easily perishable;

Please note, to respect the extremely fragile habitats, local regulations, and for both our and your safety, entering caves with a risk of collapse will not be possible;